20 family activities to do at home

20 family activities to do at home

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By Babysits
6 min read

Who said that staying home had to be boring? Is it raining or can you not go outside? With these 20 indoor activities you can have fun in many different ways while staying home.

1. DIY your old t-shirts

Do you have old t-shirts that deserve a second life? Have fun changing and designing your new shirt, by gluing rhinestones, painting or dyeing your shirt, or even sewing your favorite pattern on the shirt. There are tons of different tutorials available on the internet!

2. A fashion show

Have you always dreamed of being a model on the catwalk? This is your moment to prove yourself. Put on your most special outfit and do your best model walk! You can even choose themes for the catwalk, such as ‘fancy clothes’ or ‘rainbow trends’.

3. Go camping indoors

Yes, we can even go on vacation while staying home. Grab your camping gear and build a tent with furniture and blankets. This way, you can go picnicking or have a camping trip in your living room. The kids are sure to love it!

4. Mute the TV and come up with your own text

Maybe you’re watching too much TV and want a more engaging alternative for this activity. All you have to do is mute the TV and come up with your own words for the people on the screen. Full improvisation and imitating funny voices makes this even more fun!

5. A self portrait competition

To make drawing a bit more exciting, you can organize a competition where everyone needs to draw a self portrait. This can be a really funny competition, based on everyone’s own talents and interpretation (don’t be afraid to get abstract)!

6. Guess who?

Many people are familiar with the board game where you need to guess the individual that the other player has chosen. To make this more fun and engaging, you can use pictures of family members or friends instead. The questions can be for example, “is this person blond?” but asking personal questions like, “is this person afraid of dogs?” can make the game even more exciting.

7. The tasting game

It’s time to test your taste buds! Close your eyes and let your loved one’s choose some ingredients for you to taste. Then, you need to guess what they are! Don’t forget to mention any allergies beforehand. Maybe this is also the perfect moment to sneakily let the kids taste brussel sprouts again. Who knows, they could suddenly think they’re really tasty!

8. Dive into old photo albums

Take the old photo albums out of the closet, or also old videos that you’ve saved over the years. Children love seeing themselves, and their siblings and parents, in old photos/videos when they were younger.

9. Singing competition

Whether you have a voice like Ariana Grande or just love to sing, this is the moment!

Choose candidates and jury members who need to listen with their back facing them. If they like the performance, they need to turn around and face the singer. This makes the activity more lively and you can be surprised by everyone’s talents.

10. Dream collages

Who’s never dreamed about having a huge mansion or going to a beautiful place? Anything is possible, thanks to collages. Let the kids cut photos out of magazines and glue them to a piece of paper in order to create their dreams. This is a great way to discover each other’s wishes, and learn more about each other.

11. Magic Tricks

Take advantage of your time at home and awaken the wizard in you. Each family member should prepare a magic trick to show everyone. Be ready to be amazed!

12. Yoga workshop

Being stuck at home can have a significant psychological impact, so it’s important to focus on activities that can aid mental health too. Yoga is perfect for this, and can be really relaxing and grounding for kids and adults alike. Organize a yoga workshop in your living room, the kids are sure to enjoy trying downward facing dog and sun salutation.

13. Start a journal

It can be interesting to track the habits that you do on a regular basis. This can be really fun to look back on, like a written time capsule, regarding how you lived at some point in the past. Sometimes, habits and what you do changes a lot over time!

Grab a notebook and make notes about the daily life of your family, both the good and the bad, as well as everyone’s feelings. Everyone can write in the journal. You can even keep a video journal, as a real vlogger, and talk about your daily life.

14. Spa day

Sometimes it’s good for you to have a self care day. Change your makeup table or bathroom into a real beauty salon. Face masks, scented candles, scrubs, nail polish, calming music, etc. Finally, just relax!

15. Make an animated film

Kids love animated movies. If they were to make one, how would that look? Let the kids use their toys to play out their favorite film or come up with their own amazing script. It’ll bring out their imagination and they’re sure to watch their own short movie with pride.

16. A makeover for the parents

You don’t need to wait for Halloween to put on crazy costumes or outfits. Let the kids give you a makeover. Crazy hair, beautiful makeup and a stunning outfit. Protests from the parents won’t be accepted! When the makeover is done, don’t forget to take photos of this amazing moment.

17. Prove that you know each other well

The game is simple: two people sit back to back and a third person asks them questions, like, “who likes chocolate the most?”. Without looking at each other, the 2 participants should point to themself or the other person.

This is a fun way to show that you know each family member well, but also to learn new things about each other.

18. Drawing while blindfolded

For this activity you need two skills: 1, knowing how you need to draw and 2, listening to instructions. One player needs to draw the forms that the other person says, while blindfolded. Communication between the participants needs to be clear in order to make a beautiful artwork.

19. Funny hairstyles

In our daily lives, we strive to look good. But, if we’re at home, we can have fun trying some crazy, funny things. You can even have a competition regarding who has the craziest hairstyle.

20. Bowling at home

Bowling fans, you would have never thought that you could go bowling at home, but it’s really possible! Place a plastic bottle or other object that stands and try to knock it over by throwing a ball at it. (You could even use a rolled up sock as a ball, so that’s it’s softer and safer to use indoors).

Still, be careful that you don’t knock any furniture or breakables over with the ball.

indoor family activities at home

Now, you should have tons of ideas to have fun at home with your family. Do you have other great ideas? Don’t hesitate to share them with us!

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